Care Instructions


 Always follow the mat care and washing instructions.

 It is recommended that the carpet is vacuumed smooth and carefully. Tampering  is not recommended. If you wants to spank mat, we recommend that it should be light and from the bottom side. It is suitable for the snow wash treatment (see : Snow Wash )

 Please have the right detergents and facilities for washing and drying .



 Cotton carpet can usually be washed with water . When cleaning the carpet must also note that the carpet should be completely wet before the detergent is applied . Use 30 degree water and a mild detergent, particularly if the mat has not previously been washed. Too strong or bleaching detergent will fade colors. Rinse the carpet very well that the detergent is not left in the carpet. Dry on a flat surface or hang the carpet so that the water tracks parallel to the floor (longitudinal direction ) , this prevents the colors run off . Cotton mats usually shrink after the first wash. Let the carpet to dry completely.



 Plain rugs are generally easy to care for. Generally, vacuuming is enough. Plain carpets are mostly washed with water. Follow the washing instructions. If the carpet has a rubber base, after washing both surfaces must be dry, so you extend the life of your carpet and floor coverings. Rubber -based carpets are not recommended to be held in the cold for a long time.



 Follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. The materials may soften and stretch or shrink slightly. Vacuuming, ventilation and appropriate stain remover are sufficient for most of these carpets the first 5-10 years of use .



Cleaning carpets with snow - what does it mean?

Conditions: it must be must be freezing outside (more than 5 degrees below zero) , and there should be pure snow.

Instructions: Take the mat out , for example , the carpet rack to cool ( if the carpet is exported directly to the apartment warm lumihunkeen , the carpet surface to melt the snow and bring to get wet )

 After cooling, put carpet on clean snow pile sides. And blot the carpet or walk around it, then the carpet is raised to stand or be brushed lightly with the bottom side. Once you have brushed the carpet , you may need a treatment . Brush the carpet with care. Once the snow is removed, the carpet can be put on the floor.