Shipping and payment

 When you choose the delivery method picked up from the Transport Services, you can get your parcel office during business hours. The application will search the shipping address closest to the Transport Service offices , which you can select your preference of pick point. When the package is picked up from the number of the station , you will be notified by SMS.

 When you choose the delivery method pick-up from local stores, you can get your package from any of Siwa, Valintatalo or Euro Market. A dense network of stores and shops with long service times in the evenings and on weekends will ensure that the package can be picked up near where it suits you best.

 When you choose the delivery method of home delivery , you can save your time . The package is subject to come your door  . Courier will contact the customer  before distribution to agree for more detailsand delivery timings.

 Delivery time :

 Our many products have delivery time in 2 to 5 working days. We strive to always be the earliest possible delivery. All products delivery time is mentioned on each article. We contact customers as soon as possible to inform  via e -mail or phone if we find a sustainable delivery time longer than normal mentioned on the article.


Shipping Fee:

 You will see the shopping cart of your selected shipping method according to the packing and shipping cost .


Payment : offers the following payment methods :

Credit cards:

 Visa, MasterCard, Neo Card , Business Eurcard

Online banking fees:

 Nordea , OKO Bank , Sampo Bank, Tapiola Bank of Åland, Handelsbanken , Savings / Aktia / Noah, S-Bank, Paypall

 Invoice :

 You receive an invoice with your order .


 You can pay for your order in parts. KLARNA offers easy payments in monthly instalments.

 You can reduce the account balance owed that you select yourself in monthly installments , with a minimum of either € 9 or 1/24 of the total bill , whichever is greater. You can always choose to pay off the invoice amount of the time . All Klarna payments  for the installment plan purchases are automatically forwarded to the same account and the same month  invoice, even if you pay on the installment plan to Klarna while visiting other online stores. For a monthly basis, therefore, only one invoice with the amount of orders , despite only one extra billing . Once you have paid the invoice amount , the account is automatically closed .

 Your purchase you will be asked to approve the shopping cart security number , address provided by you in the Population Register and the annual income data. You can get your order to the approval of the decision immediately after confirming your subscription . For the first time Klarna paying the installment plan you will be sent e-mail account agreement , which you will need to sign and send the payment via Oy.

Be sure to carefully read the part payment Klarna Account Terms and Conditions please visit:

Invoices related questions you can ask by using Klarna electronic form at customer service